SWYHA Commitment Policy

Upon the completion of the South Windsor Youth Hockey Association tryout and team selection process, players will be notified as soon as practical of their team placement.

Upon notification of team placement, players will have 48 hours to pay the commitment fee and sign the commitment letter. This fee will be applied to the player’s dues for the season.

After 48 hours, players will be granted an additional 5 days in which they may still commit to the SWYHA. The player will still be responsible to pay the commitment fee and sign the commitment letter. However, an additional processing fee will be assessed for late payment. This processing fee will not be applied to the player’s dues for the season.

Upon the completion of the commitment process, (48 hours + 5 days) the initial team rosters will be considered closed. The SWYHA Board of Directors, through the Tryout/Evaluation Team, will look at the assigned number of committed players on each designated team at each level.

At this time, the Tryout/Evaluation Team will adjust the teams and rosters as necessary. After the selection, commitment and team adjustment period have been completed, no uncommitted players may join the SWYHA without meeting the following conditions:

1. There must be space for the player on the lowest team at that level.

2. The player must pay the tryout fee, commitment fee and late processing fee, prior to placement on a team.

3. Players will be evaluated at the time of commitment or at a later time and placement may be adjusted to a higher team: a. Provided there is space on that roster; and b. At the discretion of the Head of Coaching, Head of Level and the President.

As always, the Executive Board retains the discretion to act or make player and team adjustments to account for special circumstances to meet the needs of the organization.

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