Goaltending Coach Development

Team - Goalie Coach Suggestions

For each team at South Windsor Youth Hockey, at the Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam levels, it is suggested that one (1) Coach take the lead on becoming the Goalie Coach for their team.

This Coach will then be included in the goaltending discussions, with other Goalie Coaches, the Goalie Director and the Board President at South Windsor Youth Hockey.

Below is the suggested path for South Windsor Youth Hockey to become a leader in the State of Connecticut for Goaltending Development.


Each team (A, B, C), at each of the Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam Levels is suggested to have a designated Goalie Coach.


The designated Goalie Coach conducts the Goalie practice station, each practice, with the Goalie(s) for their team.


Practice plans will be submitted to each Goalie Coach, Head Coach (for each team) and the Board President by the Goalie Director, on Sunday night (for the next full-week of practice).


Said practice station should be conducted at center ice, near the press box. It is also suggested that bumpers are placed around the “Goalie Station” to make sure of no intrusion.


Each practice session with the Goalie(s) will be 15min in length for private/individual instruction. Then, once that private/individual instruction is completed, the Goalie will then re-join their team.

As we know, goaltending is arguably the most important and impactful position in all of sports. There is currently an Ice Hockey Goalie shortage in the United States. South Windsor Youth Hockey has seen Goalie vacancies in recent years. Hopefully, the above steps can prove to Goalie parents that South Windsor Youth Hockey should be, at the very least, a strong contender for their daughter or son to call home.

Goaltending Coach Development

In addition to the above listed steps, South Windsor Youth Hockey also suggests the Goalie Instructors also take the available classes provided by USA Hockey to further strengthen our position on being the best home for Goaltenders in the State of Connecticut.


If you are the designated Goaltending Coach for your team, it is strongly recommended that you complete the Goaltending Coach Development Program provided by USA Hockey.

Course #1

How to locate the USA Hockey Goaltending Coach Online Module

This module is now available for $10.00 and it covers the basics in goaltending coaching and development. Completing this module is mandatory prior to entering the Goaltending Coach Program. Goaltenders and Goaltender parents would highly benefit from this module as well. 


Below, you will see the three (3) levels you can achieve from USA Hockey with a focus on Goaltending.

The Bronze Seminar covers the basics and understanding of Goaltending. This class is perfect for someone that is the designated Goalie Coach. By taking this course, it also moves the person up a USA Hockey Level. This course should be required for all South Windsor Youth Hockey Goalie Coaches.

The Silver Symposium is the “next level” of Goaltending instruction. I believe this class should be taken by those that really want to understand the Goaltending position. This class is more of a time commitment [as it is two (2) days].

The Gold Summit is the “capstone” course for USA Hockey regarding the focus on Goaltending. This is for individuals that have a dynamic passion for this position, have future aspirations for coaching, or just want to finish what they started. This class requires a lot of time, travel and personal expenses. 

Select: Course Level

Select your proper course/level:

First - Goaltending Bronze

Bronze Level High Performance (HP) Goaltending Development Coach Seminar is the first step the goaltending coach development program. These 1-day clinics will cover aspects of goaltending such as practice planning, teaching fundamental saves, foundation skating, puck handling, positioning, recovery and more. Seminars are available to Level 1 certified coaches and upon completion of the clinic coaches will go up one level within the CEP program, excluding to a level 4 or 5. By completing a HP Goaltending Coach Development Seminar a coach will earn his or hers Bronze Level Status.

Second - Goaltending Silver

Silver HP Goaltending Development Coach Symposium is the second level of the goaltending coach development program. Symposiums will consist of 12 hours of on and off ice goaltending coach development. During symposiums coaches will learn the details coaching goaltenders ability to read plays, maximize net coverage in all situations, start team break-outs, intermediate and advanced skating techniques and more. During symposiums, coaches will go on the ice multiple times during goaltender development on-ice sessions to obtain hands on practice in coaching goaltenders. Coaches who complete this symposium will go up one level within the CEP program excluding to a level 4 or 5. Coaches who have completed the Bronze Level as well as a 2 day symposium will be awarded Silver Level Goaltending Development Coach status.

Third - Goaltending Gold

Gold Goaltending Development Summit is the highest level of the goaltending coach development program. Coaches attending this event will spend over 13 hours of on ice and off ice on goaltending coaching development, covering all aspects of the position and the details of how to teach the concepts and create environments for optimal goaltender development. The conclusion of the summit will feature a peer reviewed coaching exam where coaches will be given the opportunity to coach goalies on the ice, off the ice with the use of video, and communicate with parents and coaches.

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