Myths of Hockey

Myth 1: The Parents are Crazy.


Hockey parents, by their very nature, are extremely passionate about their children. They understand the value that their child will receive by:

  1. Learning commitment to a team;
  2. Stretching their child's comfort zone by allowing them to excel at a sport that is not easy to learn; and
  3. Spending quality time with their children and other families who share common goals.

Myth 2: The cost is too much.


Compared t baseball, basketball and soccer, hockey is certainly more expensive. However, South Windsor Youth Hockey has adopted USA Hockey's model on how to grow the game of hockey. Central to this goal is making hockey affordable by running practices in a manner that maximizes the use of ice and by having cross-ice games for lower levels in order to reduce the cost of ice time. Our coaching staff has extensive playing experience and all have been trained and certified by USA Hockey. As a result of the volunteer nature of our organization and our solid relationship with the South Windsor Arena, South Windsor Youth Hockey Association is consistently the best value in Connecticut on a player cost basis. In House I costs $425 for the October 29th through February session and $350 for the session running from December through February. In House II, this is what your child would likely participate in next year, cost $550 this year for the entire season (September – February).

Myth 3: Times are too early and travel is too far


South Windsor Youth Hockey does not schedule any practices before 7:00 a.m. and games before 8:00 a.m. In House I and In House II players normally travel only two times in a season. Once to play at the Hartford XL Center in between the periods of an AHL professional hockey game and once to play in a cross ice tournament.

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