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Mike Wolf

Co-Head Coach Mite B


Mike Wolf is currently the Co-Head Coach for the Mite B Team. In addition to coaching for South Windsor, Mike is going on his 4th season as the Assistant Coach for Kingswood Oxford’s Boys Varsity Hockey Program. Mike is a level 4 coach who has several years of experience coaching all ages from Learn to Skate thru High School. Mike spent 3 seasons as a Head Coach at South Windsor, 2 in squirts and 1 season of Pee Wees, before transitioning his daughter and himself to the all-girls program at the Northern Lights, where he spent the last 3 years coaching U12 and U14 girls, while coaching the High School Boys at the same time. Coach Wolf’s 1st year as a Head Coach lead his team to a State Championship, and his 1st year coaching with the girls finished 2nd in the state, qualifying for Regionals and in the same season won the CGHL.

Mike has a tremendous passion for the game of hockey and even more passion for coaching it. If you were to ask him what he likes better playing or coaching, he would hands down say coaching. The thrill in watching someone develop and improve is what drives Mike’s passion to coach. Mike believes very strongly in the following, “failure breeds success”. In-order-to achieve anything outside of the norm you need to challenge yourself, you need to know it’s ok to make mistakes, as that is how you activate creativity and that will separate talent, while allowing all kids to enjoy the game of hockey and play to the best of their ability without fear, but more importantly have fun. That builds character and develops better athletes.

Other facts about Coach Wolf is that in addition to Coaching Hockey, Mike has recently also accepted the position as the Head Varsity Golf Coach at Kingswood as well. In Mike’s off time he spends time with his wife and 3 kids and also does the Color Commentary for the majority of the East Catholic Girls HS games, while still playing hockey on Sunday nights.