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Troy Morin

Assistant Coach - Bantam A


Troy Morin will be an assistant coach for the Bantam A team for the 2021-2022 Season. Troy has been volunteering his time at South Windsor Youth Hockey for the past 2 seasons. Troy wants to share his love for the game by passing on his extensive knowledge in power skating and defensive work.

Troy’s desire to coach stems from his desire to help make a difference in how the players grow both on the ice and in their personal lives. Troy connects with players by bringing a big smile and his high energy onto the ice for every practice and game. His ultimate goal is to give the kids an environment where they can thrive and grow as athletes, not just hockey players!

Troy grew up playing his youth hockey at South Windsor Youth Hockey before moving on to play high school at East Catholic. After high school, Troy played club hockey at Sacred Heart University where he is a recent graduate. Troy considers himself a student of the game and is fascinated about strength training, conditioning, and on ice skill work.